Monday, April 9, 2012

The cycle of life takes a lot out of ya

Cycle Day 14. Been crampy for 3 days now. I woke up early this morning with a slight headache. 2L Salt water+EO (marjoram and peppermint) and a Coffee Enema at 2pm headache progressed to a migraine, tried a couple rounds of water enemas (3-4liters) with salt and EO (marjoram and peppermint). Nauseated but never got sick. Ended up taking a Tylenol 3 and a nap. Woke up at about 6:00 felt better, had some dinner. Still crampy

I just randomly fed the kids whatever I could pull out of the fridge an hand to them.
They had meatballs, almond butter freezer treats, boiled eggs, yogurt, apples, dilly carrots, sunbutter with butter and honey and a shot glass of weak stock. Some of the things they had a few rounds of...breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack all sorta blended together.

The boys had a pretty good day considering they woke up before 7 and had no nap....and a mama that could barely keep up with their requests for food.

I managed to get the roast in the crock pot before noon and vacuum the egg yolk covered part of the living room. There are Walnuts in the dehydrator that are ready to come out. Hopefully they will make it into a ziplock baggie before we hit the sack.

Eric saved the evening and prepared a proper meal.
Roast, carrots, cauliflower gravy and a baby romaine and cucumber salad. Banana cinnamon ice cream for dessert. Perfection.

Eric built our raised bed frame for the strawberry plants I plan to order.
Looking at the Azure list of plants that are available:

Here's our considering list


Butternut Squash
Summer Squash
Bell Pepper
Sugar Snap Peas
Shilling Peas


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