Sunday, April 15, 2012

Preparation Day #1

Today is day One of Preparation for the Gallbladder and Liver cleanse. I'm following the instructions from the book by Andreas Moritz.

He suggest eating no animal products/dairy...and since I"m on GAPS that leaves me with veggies, fruit and nuts. I decided to give a juice fast a try and see how it goes. The full cleanse is 7 days, I don't think it will be too big of a deal to do a juice fast. We have several fruits and veggies that need to be used up, so this will be a good opportunity to take care of those. I just hope I have the energy to do all the juicing and clean up. Totally dreading cleaning the juicer up several times a day

I must drink 32ounces of apple juice every day for 6 days. We purchased 150oz of jarred apple cider that I will drink over the week and finish off juicing apples.

I started the day with 2- 2liter salt water high enemas and a coffee enema. I could have used more rounds with the water but it was getting late and we had a busy day ahead of us and I didn't want to get the coffee in too late. I finished around 11:00.

Starting weight 131PM/130.5am
Sleep- woke up several times, dreamed strange dreams.
Basal Temp (not sure I got 3 hours of continous sleep before taking temp. 98.5
Average Daily Temperature 99.1
No supplements

32 ounces of Apple juice finished by 7:30pm
48 ounces of Kangen Water
(no juicing...the kitchen was a mess and I didn't want anything else to clean up! Mtostly laziness.

I felt pretty good today. I got some of the housecleaning caught up...nothing miraculous but much better than I've accomplished in the past few days. Could have been the Coffee enema partially, but I haven't had that much sugar (from the juice) in my system for a while either. It was WAY more fluids than I've been consuming...between the 4 liters of water from the enema, 1 liter of coffee enema, 32 ounces of juice and 48 ounces of water, I've been peeing a lot!

Used Young Living Oils before bed
Sandalwood: 3rd Eye and back of neck
Cedarwood: top of head
Release over Liver
Digize under tongue

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