Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 36 Early to bed

Stage 6
No new foods

Well, hopefully we will be drifting to dream land at about the time I'm usually STARTING to type up our daily update. We had a busy fun day today. I took Corban to the JBF sale to get him some shoes and shorts....we came home with 1 pair of sandals for Clayt, 2 pairs of Skidders for Wyatt (and for only $10 for both! I got two sizes) 3 pair of shoes for Corban...water shoes, sandals and tennis shoes. Birthday Presents for 2 of my nieces, 6 Tshirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a game and 4 books. Love the JBF sale...but its a good thing it only comes around 2x a year! After Corban and I got home, Eric and Clayt went on a fishing trip. Fishing was short lived (about 30 minutes), but they caught 6 fish! After a bit of playground time they headed home. Eric and Corban left to go by Grandma and Grandpa J's house to drop of our nieces birthday present then home for dinner, a little bit of playing outside and off to bed. They were tired from not having naps, but still did not want to go to bed! Eric is changing shifts for April, so he will be rising and shining about 2.5 hours earlier than we have been for the past 2 months. Tomorrow shall be interesting!

Today's Menu
Breakfast: meatballs, quac-treats, applesauce +probiotics
Lunch: Leftovers from last night: hamburger, celeriac and onion. 1 slice of almond bread (with butter) Boys had sunbutter on theirs as well, and raw apple slices.
Dinner: Ribeyes, Salad with cucumbers, kraut and apple slices
Snack: Almond flour pancake bites with sunbutter
Orange Guac-a-honey pudding

Today's Prep
Searching for a GAPS honey ham brine recipe
Put Marrow Bones and Roast in the crock pot
Peeled carrots

Orange Guac-a-Honey Pudding
Blend together equal parts of
Avocado (3T)
Sour Cream
1T of honey
2 drops of orange Essential oil
1T of lemon juice (optional)

Serve in a bowl, or freeze in small molds

First thing this morning Corban asked to go poop...back to #4! Yay!
Clayt went this morning, after lunch and Dinner, all #5
Wyatt had a poo-ey diaper after lunch....wonder if it was the almond bread and apple slices?

I think I'm going to skip the enema tonight and give it a try in the morning, hopefully the boys will get up at their normal wake time! I've had a few tummy rumbles this evening. I'm also pretty tired....but its not 8:00 yet...SO kinda hoping that 2nd wind doesn't come.

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