Monday, March 19, 2012

When Will they STOP EATING? Day 24

OH MY Goodness! They.Will.Not.Stop.Eating!!! It is 3 minutes before bedtime and they are asking for MORE food. They have been eating for 2 1/2 hours. We started with a snack...which was going to be pancakes, and I decided to just pour the batter in a pan and cook it all at once in the oven. Pretty tastey! Then on to Chicken soup, which they sat at the table and made "carrot sandwiches" they are eating then ends of the chicken bones left over from making stock.

Clayt Final bone count: 16
3 bowls of chicken soup
2 shot glasses of kraut juice
1/2c serving of kraut

Oven "pancakes". Turned out pretty delicious!

10z pureed Squash
4 Eggs
1 TBS of Ghee
Baked in the oven at 350* for 35minutes.

Corban's "carrot sandwich" (there's an onion in the middle :)

Stage: 4- No new foods today.
Well, today was better than yesterday! Eric stayed home so I could rest since I was up so late with that nasty migraine last night. I weighed this morning....and broke the 130s, down to 129. I suppose there IS a benefit of vomiting and pooping for 4 hours. I decided to start the morning with another Coffee enema...and see if I got better result in the was about the same. My teeth stopped hurting and the swelling in my gums went down. I didn't get anything to eat until lunch time. We had chicken soup. I noticed that I got pretty sleepy after eating. Not enough to go lay down, but I probably should have. I'm trying to decide what to do about that stinking liver cleanse....supposedly this week is supposed to be the best week for cleansing the liver because of the spring equinox.....but starting it would mess up intro, and based on the book, it seems that your supposed to continue doing the cleanses once a month. Its basically a week of drinking lots of apple cider then drinking an epsom salt, grapefruit and olive oil certain times on the 6th and 7th day. Doesn't sound fun at all! I wish DrNCM gave some better instructions for doing a liver/gallbladder cleanse, its seems its a common problem among GAPS "patients" I've read through all the FAQs about it...just doesn't seem like very many answers, especially at this stage of much of the advice is conflicting with other parts of the book.

  1. roast in the crock pot
  2. almonds in the dehydrator
  3. Beef stock in the small crock
  4. about 3 gallons stock that needs to be strained and put away

He Says : T-minus 706 days till pizza and beer!!! Actually......Erica and I have a vacation planned to one of our favorite cabins, we like to stay in a cabin or go on a cruise when we get away together and we're planning to celebrate GAPS completion victory at that cabin. The lady who owns it also cooks breakfast and dinner there and the dining room overlooks a beautiful small river in the Kiamichi mountains, just a lovely place.


  1. hey thre, erica -- just hopped over here from the FB group, so thx for the link.

    and i'm curious -- do you have any insights as to why the perpetual hunger? we have the same 2.5-hr dinner scenarios every single night (and i'm not talkin' playing w/ food, 2 hrs of consumption). i've always chocked it up to the fact that we've had him on a barely-any-fat diet (b/c his body has always responded poorly to fat, but i'm hoping that diving into GAPS will greatly help that). but i was just curious if this was a one-time thing for you guys, or if you experience the same scenario regularly & have any insights to offer.

    thx so much!
    - tanya

    1. I think that their body's are feasting on the nutrients. It seems that many kids really "pig-out" for about 4-8 weeks then the eating slows down. So, no it wasn't a one time thing it lasted several weeks once all the die-off cravings ended after the first 5 days or so of intro. I think once the bad bacteria was under control the good bacteria is making up for lost time! I hope that helps!

    2. that DOES help -- thank you. we still have yet to dive into gaps, so this has been our scenario for the past i don't know -- 3 yrs, probably. (so his body's probably been starved for nutrients. not surprising.) so that's helpful to hear that once we start gaps, i shouldn't look for "instant gratification" in this area -- that 30 min. meals won't happen in a matter of days. after that being our status quo for several YEARS, i can certainly handle 4-8 WEEKS! :)

      and thx again for reminding me where to find your blog. :)
      - tanya