Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 23 Welcome to the Grill

Hello Stage 4. Soooooooo glad you are here!

Grilled and Roasted foods!

Its been a doozy, roller coaster kind of day. I was able to get my juice with 2 raw eggs in as well as my FCLO , Tbs of Ghee and my Iodoral. I hadn't remembered all of that in a few days. Then about 30 minutes later I totally FLIPPED OUT....emotional BREAKDOWN over something rather small, but seemed huge to me in the moment. All the crying and screaming gave me a headache and I was so upset that I didn't even care and took PHARMA (Tylenol 3) ....knew the headache would continue to a migraine otherwise, and dind't think natural remedies would help an emotional stress induced headache. I'd love to say it was die-off...but not sure. I have had a few hard days in a row, so the thoughts that led to the breakdown have been building. I haven't had a breakdown in Months, and I was having them 1-2 times a week back in November-December. 1 or so, I was starting to feel better. Eric got the kitchen cleaned up, dishwasher running, 5lbs of chicken legs in the crock pot and the giant stock pot in the oven.

Highlight: CORBAN TOOK HIS NAP TODAY! I hope the trend continues. Low Light: Wyatt (15months) climbed out of his bed for the first time today. I hope it isn't a lasting skill! PLEASE let him stay in his bed!

Eric brought me flowers home this afternoon, they are sooo beautiful, I love the colors!

Today's Menu
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs ---the 3 little boys polished off 14 eggs on their own. I had carrot/celery juice with 2 raw eggs and some stock.
Lunch: boys had Meatball soup. I had some roast and stock and later about half a chicken leg/thigh. and more stock.
Dinner: We started Stage 4 at dinner time and had an amazing steak dinner with sauteed green beans. It was our first taste of our new beef and it got thumbs WAY up!
Today's Prep: I got dinner cleaned up and threw some beef bones in the small crock pot. I picked the meat off the chicken legs and put away about 1lb 10 ounces of meat. Then threw the chicken bones back into the other crock pot to finish making MORE stock. At the moment we have 2 crock pots and the 30quart pot in the oven going. I think we will be caught up in the stock department at least for a couple of days!

I think sometime in the evening the meds started wearing off....and my barely there headache started being more noticeable. Its on the left side from my temples to the back of my neck. Around 7pm, I noticed my teeth hurting, like they are shifting and tight in new areas...It also is a little uncomfortable to bite down. I flossed tonight after not flossing in a little while (bad me) and my gums are really swollen now. Not sure if it was the flossing or the shifting teeth. I decided I definitely needed to do an enema tonight hoping that the coffee would help my headache....

BEWARE Enema talk, possible TMI: I did the first water rinse with 2liters of water and some baking was talking a long time for the enema to work. I could tell I needed more time, but my head was getting worse and I wanted to move on to the coffee. So I did and I was unable to hold it the time I needed to. My tummy was gurgling a lot, which I attribute to gas further up in my system. So that led to early expelling and my timer didn't work so I have no idea how long I did hold it, I'd estimate only about 5 minutes. I did continue to have more success, but it was coming in waves that seemed to be a long time in between. Head was still hurting so I started using my Deep Relief EO, which I think started helping some. I decided to go ahead and try a 2nd round of was after midnight by then, but i felt so bad it didn't matter, I couldn't sleep anyway. I used 1 cup of coffee and just 2 cups of water (instead of 3, so it was a little stronger solution). I didn't have any trouble holding it the 2nd time, made it the full 12 minutes and it even took a little while for things to get moving even while sitting on the pot. This round was also productive, I was starting to get pretty shaky, but couldn't tell if it was from the coffee or the headache; the vomiting started about 40 minutes later....must have been the headache! Man I shouldn't have taken my probiotics and fish oil...totally wasted in the toilet, UGH! Head is still hurting and its moving further down my neck and over to my trapezius muscle. Could be from sitting here sooooo long. I have been on the toilet for almost 4 hours!

Hmm, I think maybe Wyatt was the only pooper today out of the little boys. He woke up poopy and soaked this morning. The boys have been peeing through their pull-ups at night as well, so I went to walmart tonight to go pick up some "night-time" diapers and overnight pull ups. I hope they are noticeably more absorbent.

End of TMI :)

Eric got the last of the cabbage shredded and put into the 4liter pickl-it jar. Hoping that this batch turns out better than our first one. I don't think we fermented it long enough or checked to make sure it was under the brine. He used a mix of red and green/white? cabbage. Its gonna be a nice pretty purple/pink color! :)

Well, its just short of 2am, and I think the headache is easing up finally. Still there for sure, but its not pounding anymore. Tummy just feels a tiny bit queasy.

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