Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 26

Stage 4

New introductions: Grilled foods!

Well My weight has held at 129.5 two days in a row (although that is first of the morning after I pee weight ;) , but it seems that the movement of the scale was not only from the vomiting and enemas! Hooray! This morning was HARD. I was really feeling like I was heading back to Square ONE with the adrenal issues. I had no energy to do anything, haven't wanted to eat (just kinda snacking around while I feed the boys). Feeling like a failure of a mama because I can't "handle" the boys without being angry...questioning how in the world my biggest desire in life is to have more kiddos when I can't "deal with" the ones I have. I do see all these thoughts for what they are....they are the sickness talking (with the enemy jumping in on the bandwagon too). I decided this afternoon to take a nap. Slept for about 11/2 hours and felt SOOO much better when I woke up!

I got juice made (although, only for the afternoon) took my FCLO, made some squash casserole for "snack" got the dishwasher loaded. I noticed about 1 1/2 hours later I was starting to loose energy, but I've done okay for the evening. I have not felt "wiped out" like I was this morning. Eric did all of the dinner prep and cooking. It was wonderful as usual :) We had grilled chicken legs (thighs/legs) green beans and tried our first celeriac (hash style). We used a half a 32oz jar of Ghee today! WOWZERS! The boys were sooo cute at dinner tonight, they kept smelling their chicken and saying it was Barbeque! I even got the sauerkraut and stock served with dinner! Full course GAPS intro meal!

All of the boys pooped today....and for the first time in a LONG time Corban pooped 2 days in a row! I added some cabbage in with our juicing today, I think that may been what helped. Both the little boys pooped within an hour of having their juice. Corban's moved from a #3 yesterday to a #5 today with a bit of #6. I even had an actual poop (still used an enema, but it was at least different from what's been happening the past 2 months!)

So glad today is ending better than it started!

I'm having that slight "pain" again....and the coffee seems to want to stay.....been waiting over an hour and nothing is happening! Wow...spoke a moment too soon! Its about time! So much for going to bed early tonight.

I guess that coffee stayed too long in my system, because I am WIDE AWAKE. I tried laying down a bit after 1:15 and my head was just swimming with thoughts. So....I got up after a bit. Just a few minutes ago, Corban woke up crying. He was sitting in the floor fussing, kinda "fit like" he does that when he needs to pee in the middle of the night. So I picked him up (against his wishes) and took him into the bathroom because even though he said he needed to pee, he wasn't headed to the bathroom. We get to the bathroom and I pull his pull up down and stood him at the potty and he continues to throw a "fit", says he wanted to walk in the bath room. Proceeds to walk out of the bathroom with his pull up half way down, pulls it up, goes into his bedroom to exactly where he had been previously standing before I carried him out, sucking his thumb, turns around and calmly walks to the bathroom, and goes pee then heads back to bed. Interesting, but not uncommon behavior for him.

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