Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 33 Bellyaching

Stage 5
No new foods

Man! Something is messing with my midsection!

Today's Meals
Juice: Cabbage, Carrot and Beet + raw yolk (2 yolks + 1 egg for me)
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs- Boys
Lunch: leftover Meatball soup & Daddy had Chicken Soup
Dinner: Grilled Han-ga-burger patties topped with caramelized onion and red bell pepper + pink Kraut
Supplements: FCLO for me and the little boys. Biokult 1 capsule for the boys, 4 for me & Eric. 1 iodoral, 3 raw B complex, 2 Zinc...bedtime: Life 5 and Omega Blue and 2 Sleep Essence.

Today's Prep
Crock Pot Applesauce
Freezer Treats
a bag of Chicken Necks for stock Thawing

First I woke up menstrual crampy with a backache...enough to grab the heating pad and hang out in my recliner for most of the morning. Then it was an intermittent stabbing pain in my 'upper mid-section" which has been an all day thing, then a little bit of gas (burping and toots) and the big surprise of the day was diarrhea! I haven't pooped on my own in about 80 days (without the use of either a salt tea cleanse, Natural Calm to bowel tolerance, or the enemas. The only thing I had eaten before it happened (2:00) was the juice that I drank around 10am and a cup of stock around 1:00. I didn't eat much other than that except for dinner, which I ended up back in the bathroom around 5:00, 8:00 and a gain around 11:00. Oh....after dinner I could not stay awake. I was sitting with Libby and she was reading and I was litterally nodding off....I was so tired! Then about 15-20 minutes later I was fine (obviously, consiering it's midnight and I'm still up....and still on the POT! UGH.

Corban- Pooped today at naptime #4-5. Did not take any nap. He came out after 20 minutes and said he took a good nap. I let him stay up and he was pretty good for a couple of hours but went down hill for the evening until daddy got home.

Seriously I can't remember about Wyatt or Clayt....I really have no clue. No chart printed off either! Wyatt woke up ANGRY at about 10pm. I have no idea what his problem was but he was screaming mad. I put some peace and calming oil on him and Daddy took him outside and that helped. Let him toddle around a bit, changed his diaper and put him back to bed. He laid down good.

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