Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 32 Perfect Pooper

Stage 5
No New Foods

The boys have been playing outside a lot and are a tad I noticed that both of them looked a little splotchy on their upper chest....not sure if that from the sun or if is a rash showing up. Neither of them complained about it itching or anything. No naps at all today. Clayt was SCREAMING MAD about So. Many. Issues. Today. I think it must be die-off. On the other hand, Clayt has also been saying SO Many cute little things lately. I really need to write them down....but they are more "in the moment cute" it seems like when I try to retell it, it doesn't do the moment justice. We haven't noticed any delays in his speech, other than some stuttering/repeating words that both Corban and Clayt seem to do on occasion. It is random, and not all that often. Clayt is about 1 month out from his 3rd birthday, so common timing for a boost in vocabulary. Its so fun hearing him express his thoughts! (the cute ones, rather than the demanding mad little-man ones)

Today's Menu

Juice: carrot and celery + raw yolk (2 yolks and a whole egg for me, no breakfast)
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs
Lunch: Chicken Soup, 1 slice of almond bread with honey butter + pink kraut
Meatball soup + pink kraut
Late evening Snack: Squash Souffle with honey.
Supplements: Forgot the FCLO...but gave the boys their probiotics before bed with a spoonful of applesauce. I took 1 Iodoral and 2 zinc tablets...Eric and I both took: biokult, life 5 and Omega blue

Today's Prep
Made Butter
Put away dehydrated Almonds
Made 3lbs of meatballs (put them all in the soup for dinner)

Corban had a perfect #4 poop today!
I didn't take a picture, but for a passing moment I thought about it! I sure told him about it though! He had to go around nap-time today.

I got my family poop chart made, but I need to print it off so we can fill it out. Clayt and Wyatt both pooped today but I don't remember any of the details. You're Spared. Oh...but there's still MY stuff.

I noticed my head starting to hurt after dinner. So I decided to make it an impromptu Coffee Break. I did halve the amount of Coffee since it was already 7:30 when I got started. Pretty sure I noticed my headache going away during the salt water and EO (marjoram and peppermint) rinse....but the coffee was already mixed up and ready so I went on ahead. Here I am after midnight, still up, but not too wired. Period is pretty heavy today. Slightly crampy and backache until after the Coffee Enema, I noticed that went away too!

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