Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 27

Stage 4

New Foods


Almond Bread (just Daddy and me)

Hmm, cant I even remember this morning...a bit of a blur. I remember the little ones making several messes in almost every room of the house. Oh yes, that was because I was busy juicing. Our juice was a nice purple today, got a bit more red cabbage in there with the carrots celery and raw yolks. I put 3 in mine and remembered to take my Iodoral. The boys liked the juice just fine. Corban said his tummy hurt and didn't quite finish all of his. We missed our dose of FCLO. Lunch was kinda flying by the seat of my pants...I had a bit of leftover ground beef and liver that ended up mostly burning in the oven and I made our standard squash pancakes at lunch....except we put honey-BUTTER on them>>>>YUMMO! Yay for intro of RAW Homemade BUTTER!

The boys fought nap time, Corban didn't sleep at all. At the beginning of nap-time I started noticing that my head was very slightly starting to first thought was OH NO NOT THE BUTTER! Then I realized the date...and It seems like it could be getting close to that time of the month. My older kids were dropped off at the house for the weekend, which worked well because I was going to have to load up all of the babies to go pick them up, it was nice to not have to. The headache was getting stronger so I decided before it got even worse I'd try a coffee enema while it was still early. While I spent 2 1/2 hours in the bathroom the older kids watched the littles and helped tidy the house. Eric came home and started on Dinner and the gravy was perfecto! Not sure if all the work in the kitchen got to him, or what...but all evening he's been a bit.....grumpy. Its been a long hard day, so I don't blame him. He's done about 10x his share of the work, but I still wonder...die-off?

I made almond meal and turned that into Bread. Eric and I tried out our first slice tonight. Two thumbs up. Now the trick is to stick to just 1 piece a day and gradually increase! I slathered it with honey butter.....and so far no headache, so I'm ruling out butter as the cause for now! ;)

It took a little while, but the headache is GONE! THAT doesn't happen! Normally it will lessen to barely nothing, but is still there. Rarely does it just "go away". I think the coffee helped. I just hope it wasn't my brain asking for coffee after the night I had the day before yesterday...or was that just yesterday? Hopefully 1 quart of coffee couldn't cause the brain to EXPECT more caffeine THAT quickly.

Poop Files: Clayt and Wyatt both went. Corban no. Me: did the enemas and got hardly anything. I used pink salt with Grapefruit EO and about half a drop of peppermint. Took about 3 quarts. Then, I did a quart of coffee.

On the peeing side of things....Clayt and Wyatt are peeing a TON. I thought buying special "night time diapers and pullups (even got the size 4-8 for my 2 year old) and they SOAKING TWO each night! Wyatt is drinking a ton of stock, so I"m pretty sure that is what his is all about. Clayt loves to drink water....but they both have the big ol' 3rd world country looking bloat bellies. Not sure if theres another underlying issue there or not...I keep seeing something about oxalates being mentioned. Haven't had the energy to study what its all about.

His Story:
Made a gravy tonight to top our beef short ribs, I wanted to test my theory on beef stock making better gravy, it really does...the color is lovely compared to the unappetizing pale yellow of the chicken stock gravy. I appreciate the depth of color in a good gravy, it just seems more MANLY!! Anyway......I carmelized some onions in butter with a little salt and pepper along with some garlic infused EVOO and added it into my cauliflower/beef stock mixture and blended it in, Erica had to dip her finger in and taste it before I could offer her a taste. The boys (after finishing 3 helpings of beef) had three more servings of just gravy.....I need to attempt a french onion soup in this manner. One downfall, I didn't get a plate...... we had all the kids here and I knew there wouldn't be enough if I did so I skipped dinner and started on breakfast, a caserole with a mixture of hamburger, onions, red bell pepper and chopped celery root and after it cooled I poured on 24 eggs to cover to put in the oven in the morning. If that doesn't feed everyone at the table I don't think anything will. Then I made butter.......twice, peeled and cored 6 apples and made applesauce for the morning. Erica also made our first batch of almond bread tonight, I bet I could make some killer apple butter jam with that applesauce to top the bread with our home made butter. I am beat, I have been cooking for 5 hours since I got home from work!

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