Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 35 Which way?

Welcome Stage 6!?
Sour Cream
Raw, peeled apple slices

Well, we welcomed stage 6...of course Eric is excited and I'm still sitting here thinking maybe we should drop back a few notches. Clayt and Wyatt seem to be really bloating and still reacting to the grass outside. Eric's reacting to outdoor allergies a bit more than he was the first couple of weeks. I hear if it is a reaction or intolerance it will just get worse...and if that's the road we gotta take, well lets skip on down and at least have an answer! Even if Eric wasn't ready to move on forward, I'm not even sure what to take out. In the other direction.....Still trying to figure out how to move onto Full GAPS...lots of new stuff, more advanced foods....what comes first?

Today's Meals
Breakfast- scrambled eggs
Lunch- little boys had fish sticks (made from cod)
big kids had roast
Dinner-Hamburger helper GAPS style- onion, celeriac with butter, olive oil and a bit of sour cream. Eric and I also had a salad with cucumber and lemon-honey vinaigrette. Kraut...and apple slices.
Snacks-Almond Bread with butter and boys had sunbutter as well
Guac-cicles and meatballs.

Today's Prep
Got some of the almonds out of the dehydrator and turned into flour for our double batch almond bread.
Put the sour cream into the fridge (it fermented 25 hours)
Have our Easter ham thawing and trying to figure out how to brine it
Have ribeyes, a small roast and some marrow bones thawing for tomorrow

I was back to 129lbs this morning...feeling skinnier than I have been the past few days. Period is light. I didn't eat much today...very snacky type meals. I had a fish stick (singular) I thought they turned out really good, but not quite enough to go around, I only set aside a small amount of fish so I could experiment. No juice today either. I can't remember if I took my lack of food and possible supplements probably contributed to having a draggy day today. Didn't get hardly anything done and still felt worn out. Had a slight tinge of a headache, and I think it showed up after eating the almond bread....still not sure if its the almonds or the butter. Maybe I should try a muscle test....hmmm. Oh decided to wait for the New Moon on the Gallbladder cleanse so another 2 weeks before I do that.

ETA: Wyatt woke up just after 11:00 in a rage....screaming and fit throwing, wanted nothing to do with being held. We let him run around and scream for a few minutes, he went to the garage door and banged on it, and Eric let him go out there and see, didn't seem to help though. He laid on the floor and did leg-lifts (slams). I tried letting him sit in my lap and he just tried to reverse headbang me. So, I changed his wet diaper, anointed him with oil (digize) on his tummy and put him back to bed. He was quiet after about 5 seconds, and only making occasional noises for the next 5 minutes, now all is quiet.

Dinner tonight was an Eric-throw together, it turned out very tastey...but that's not surprising. I really enjoyed it and chowed down on Wyatt's rejected food. Clayt and Wyatt don't seem to be too sure of the celeriac.

I think the only pooper in the house today was Wyatt and he had 3 poopy diapers. The last one of the evening was more watery, the others were his normal. Still didn't call and get the poop scoop from my mom about yesterday.

Nothin from me today. I did at least look up the emotions attached to Constipation and the Bowels....but didn't really study any of it. At least the book got off the shelf!

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