Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 30

Stage 5
No New Foods

We didn't get to bed until after 12:30. I took 2 sleep essence and I think they helped but I did not sleep well at all (although I didn't feel the need to get up out of bed either, pretty sure it was the coffee that caused the sleep issues), I had a bad dream, and a bit of a headache all night....but plenty of energy to get out of bed and get breakfast started. I passed out probiotics, then stock, fried eggs and made some juice for Eric and myself. Eric reacted to the 2 carrots worth of juice I gave him (strait juice about 2ounces) I tried a new juice today- Orange and Celery with 2 whole raw eggs. I'm feeling jittery and anxious at the moment (while finishing the last of my juice. Took 1 Iodoral tablet and a zinc supplement. I wonder if it was the orange juice?

I opened up the blog and tried to work on some answers to my questions from yesterday....made a few posts on various GAPS groups....don't really have any new ideas or plans of action. Maybe tomorrow I will get it figured out!

Today's menu
Juice: Celery and Orange for mama, and Celery and Carrot for the boys. Carrot for daddy.
Breakfast: Fried Eggs, kraut and stock
Lunch: carrot soup, almond bread with Honey butter, kraut, stock
Dinner Rump Roast, Green Beans & Onions, Kraut, and Stock
Snacks: meatballs, applesauce (1-2T) and freezer treats

Today's Prep
Made Almond Flour with nuts from the dehydrator
Made Almond Bread with the flour
Started 6 cups of soaked nuts in the dehydrator
Baking Beets to lacto-ferment tomorrow
Package of Wings thawing
Peeled 2.5lbs of carrots
2nd round for the chicken bones

I've had a bit of a headache all day, kind comes and goes, I think maybe it is just die-off. We went on a family walk this evening and let the boys play on the school playground it was almost dark when we got home. Eric was a tiny bit stuffy...someone by the school was weed-eating.

Took 2 sleep essence again tonight, plan to get in bed at 10:30.

That poop chart I said I needed to make did not get made. So....pretty sure Corban pooped during naptime. Its getting closer to #6, so not sure what I need to do differently...not sure if that is technically diarrhea or what. I think Clayt may have only gone 1 time today....not sure about that and Wyatt was poopy this morning when we got him up (I think). FOGGY TODAY! I did not go, not really much of a surprise. I may see if I can give an enema a go tomorrow while my helper is I'm not dosing myself up on Coffee before bed. We'll have to see how the morning goes.

Oh and one more little side note: for the 2nd day Wyatt has taken a 5 hour nap (slept from 9-2:00) instead of a morning and an afternoon my experience this usually means we are headed for only one nap time....not sure If I'm quite ready for another schedule change!

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