Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 28: Variety Means WAY MORE WORK!

Welcome Stage 5-
New Foods
-walnut butter
-almond bread (kids, Eric and I had our first slice last night ;)

First things first....woke up, shoved the casserole in the oven because I wasn't sure how I'd convince the boys to wait 45 minutes for their breakfast. I wasn't too tired after staying up super late, knowing that my DH expected me to get up with him and the boys in the sleeping in for the night owl.... Who-o-o, Who-o-o. I think even though I did the coffee enema around 6pm last night, it still effected me, and I was up until at least 2. The baby woke up first, at 7:15, I was up an at'em and left hubby snoring in the room. He was up much sooner than I thought he'd be, and joined me with in 10 minutes.

By this evening I was tired, but along came the trusty ol 8:00pm Second Wind. At least it helped me get some of the kitchen cleaned up. There is plenty of prep that still needs to be done for tomorrow...starting with menus so I can set something out to start thawing. Feeling kinda limited in our options, Eggs, chicken and beef everyday....We really need to sell off some of our beef and get some piggy.

So, I'm starting to think that maybe all this new variety isn't so awesome after all. First off, nearly everything requires extensive preparation...Butter, Ghee, Almonds...soaking, dehydrating, grinding.....and then there's the ever growing List of goodies to get in regularly. Wasn't daily making 2 GALLONS OF STOCK ENOUGH? Don't forget actually finding a container large enough to hold 8lbs of vegetables to soak overnight to prepare for juicing and remembering to thaw enough meat to feed a small army of toddlers who are eating double adult portions and asking for food 6 times a day.

Secondly, most of the wonderful stuff we want to fill our bellies with is supposed to be limited to 15% of the daily intake. My brain is so foggy I can't even begin to start figuring what that means serving wise. Everything we want seems to fall into that 15% category...nut flour, nut butter, applesauce...and then there's all the things we are dreaming of from the Full GAPS list. I think the fact that it is homemade with good ingredients makes it all that more easy to indulge. I'm sorry, but it doesn't matter how much coconut oil is in our nut butter fudge...eating 4 small bowls of it each day is still way too much. I'm really struggling to keep out of the freezer treats, and find my self getting just a little taste as many times as I think of it! Then there is the honey that I want to put just a little bit with, but after we've had some with our FCLO, in our applesauce, and the most delicious honey butter spread for our almond bread, freezer treats...the list is just getting longer day by day!

We didn't have any Crispy Almonds ready and we were OUT of almond butter AND freezer treats! I checked the freezer and we had some Walnuts that had already been soaked and dehydrated so I tried my hand at making Walnut Butter today. I was SHOCKED when it was finished in 2.5 MINUTES! That sure beats lots of scraping down almond dust, 15 minutes of chopping and overheating the processor! Eric even liked it!

I noticed a couple of times that after having a couple freezer treats that I would get a slight headache. I'm hoping its just detox from the coconut oil. I need to try the Walnut butter plain and see what happens I guess.

Wyatt- 1 time #5-6
Clayt - 2 times today #5-6 Afternoon and Bedtime
Corban-1 time #5-6 After bedtime
Me- nada
Eric- confidential ;) but stinky gas tonight! SHEW!

I noticed that Corban had a pimple looking spot on his cheek and a red spot under his bottom lip. He said the spot on his lip hurt, not sure if that was a bunp/rash or just an owie. No nap for Corban but he did stay in his bed for a little bit.

Clayt was a bit rashy from playing outside today. He also got a bit of sun on his shoulders.

Wyatt has been pretty happy as long as you are giving him food and replenishing before it runs out. It doesn't matter how much you give him, there is a body slamming fit in his high chair when the food is gone. His belly looks so big after he eats., not sure if its just SO full or if he's dealing with some bloating.

I just realized that I never really got into the swing of giving the boys their probiotics. They do eat sauerkraut each day and love the juice, but I'm gonna have to figure out a way to keep it in stock and not end up with several jars of dry kraut in the fridge!

Eric and I are working to get into the swing of taking our Bio-Kult first thing in the morning...I told Eric that we are supposed to gradually increase the amount we are taking until we get to the full dose. He asked what the full dose was...I said 4 capsules and he popped 4 out and down the hatch they went. So much for going slow....I'm not much better considering I took 3. We have been regularly taking Young Living Life 5 , Omega Blue and Digize before bed for about 3 weeks now. If your interested in why we chose these products I love to chat oils! Shoot me an email @

Today's Menu
Juice- 3lbs Carrots, 1 bunch Celery, 1/2 head of red cabbage and raw yolks
Breakfast: Casserole 24 eggs, 2lbs ground beef, 2 onions, 1 bell pepper and a large celery root
Lunch: Carrot & Cauliflower soup with hidden avocado & butter. Almond bread with honey butter. Sauerkraut on the side.
Snack: Freezer Treats Walnut Butter, Butter, Coconut oil and honey.
Dinner: Grilled Chicken legs and wings. Steamed broccoli with garlic infused olive oil Sauerkraut on the side, Stock

Prep for tomorrow
  • almonds still dehydrating
  • starting a second tray of almonds in the dehydrator
  • soaking more almonds
  • thawing hamburger to make millions of meatballs...okay maybe just 1000.
  • thawing Roast
  • Chicken Bone broth bubbling in 3qt crock

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