Sunday, March 25, 2012

time for making lists... Day 29

Intro Stage 5
New Foods
1 BioKult Capsule for Boys-sprinkled in 1tsp of Applesauce

We got a bit off schedule with our introductions last week and piled a few new foods on all over a few days. I'm seeing some small reactions here and there and with all these new and YUMMY foods the meal planning is feeling a little chaotic and the urge to make lists and prioritize is ever increasing. I have a few questions that will require more researching.

  1. What are the 85% foods?
  2. What are the 15% foods?
  3. How much does 15% equate too when it comes down to serving sizes?
  4. What reactions are we having
  5. What is CAUSING them or are they simply detox?!
  6. Which symptoms are a priority and what is the GAPS action to treat them.
Today's Menu
Breakfast: Leftover Casserole, Fried Eggs....
I just had GAPS milkshake cause I slept in until 10!
Bottled juice from yesterday + 2 yolks and biokultx4capsules
Lunch: Carrot Soup, Chicken Wings, Kraut and Almond bread with Whipped honey butter
Dinner: Chicken Wings, Hamburger steak, kraut-no stock

Food Prep
Made 500 meatballs (4lbs of ground beef)
Almonds in Dehydrator
Almonds soaking
Roast in Crock Pot (was supposed to be dinner but wasn't ready)
Made butter

Eric had 1T of Carrot juice and...................NO REACTION! WAHOO!

I had little headaches several times today. I'm pretty sure its something in the Freezer Treats. Will have to start trying out the ingredients one at a time. I'm starting with coconut oil and hoping that is the problem, cause that means its likely just detox. :)

Clayt and Wyatt both Grass rashy today. I notice Wyatt seems to get rashy around his neck line (in back) Clayt more on his tummy. Both of their bellies are really bloating and they are both eating a TON OF FOOD and Peeing a TON!

Gave the boys a detox bath today (2 cups of Epsom Salt 2 cups of baking soda)

Poop Files
I'm really gonna have to have a chart...because I just can't remember. I'd like to keep track of the type and time of day, so we can see if there are any patterns. All of the little boys are having #5-6 types of BM. Corban and Wyatt went once, and Clayt went 2-3 times.
Tonight was an enema night for me. I'm so thankful I figured out how to handle gas during the enema, the last week or so it seems that I've had a lot of rumbling going on....don't ever notice it until the enema though.

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