Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 34 Fish for Dinner

Stage 5
New Foods: Sunbutter

Today's Menu
No Juice
Took supplements with a bit of applesauce and a few bites of roast.
Scrambled Eggs for the boys
Lunch: roast, beets applesauce and almond bread
Dinner: Codfish with carmelized onions, butter, parsley and lemon. ACV Soaked cucumbers with leaf lettuce salad and homemade Honey Lemon Vinaigrette. Fermented Beets.

Today's Prep
Chicken Neck Stock

Well, I was a bit afraid to eat after all the trips to the pot I took it pretty slow with the eating. I had a colonic at 10:15 which went well. I believe we are seeing some improvement. I think I'm ready to move forward and do the Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse. I need to read up and see which day I should start. Thinking Sunday...

I was gone for several hours and didn't quiz my mom on the toileting happenings, so no update for the boys today!


  1. wow, those are some impressive menus, erica! really, gives me hope that going on gaps will actually offer me MORE variety than i currently have in my diet (mhmm, can you imagine?). ;)

  2. Thanks! I have noticed that I'm much more "less picky" about foods and trying new things after going through Intro. Liver is the only thing I've really struggled with eating. I just really do not like it but I try to get it in our diets once a week. I may try some of the next batch raw...I really don't think it could be any worse than the chalky texture of it cooked. I noticed I like the pieces that we less cooked best....see what I mean...thinking hmm, don't like this cooked maybe I'll give it a try raw, and thoughts like these are pretty casual minded....don't think I would have thought like that about it before Intro.