Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 25 Crazy Lazy Day

Stage 3

I am D.R.A......G.G.I.N.G......I just can't get much done each day. I'm feeling a lot like I did before I started GAPS :/ Another day of not juicing, but I did make the almond butter. I'm tired during the day and then 8:00pm hits and I not tired when bedtime rolls around. I noticed a couple times after eating (even just a snack) I get slight indigestion. It hurts in the middle of my chest in the soft spot under my chest bone. Is that gallbladder/liver?
I seem to be craving fish lately....which is not good for the budget! Fish is so expensive here!
Almond Butter Treats (freezer treats)
‎6ounces of crispy Almonds-made into Creamy almond butter
1/8c of honey
1/4c of coconut oil (splitting this 50/50 with butter is good too)
few pinches of salt

blend well and chill in the freezer for an hour

These melt pretty fast but the boys eat them even faster!

I let the boys have about 4 "letters" worth of the Almond treats...and soon after our 2 year old started being very naughty/mischievous. He got into the shaving cream in the bathroom cabinets (above the toilet), put it in his hair and on the carpet, Playing in the water in the sink, putting it on his baby brother....and While I was cleaning that up he went to the kitchen and dumped baking soda on the floor. He was also jumping off the couch....although he does stuff like that sometimes daily....actually I think he's had a pretty good streak lately, it stood out to me that he was doing so much all at once. My knee-jerk reaction is to think maybe it was the honey. Suppose it could have been the Almonds though. They have been having honey on their pancakes which we have had daily. But nut butter they haven't had so much. We were eating the organic fresh grind Almond butter from whole foods, but this batch was from our really raw Crispy nuts that I made at home. Today they had honey on the egg/squash souffle then again with the almond butter treats. (although I only put 1/8of a cup of honey to the 1 cup (aprox) of almond butter. So, not sure what we are dealing with there. All little boys pooped...and Clayt pooped 2 times! Corban's was definitely a #3 this time...going the wrong way on the scale....but haven't been drinking our juice, so that could be the culprit!

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