Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mindset of Food

We found that one of the first things that needed to happen was to change our mindset about food budgets. We have to realize that a processed food budget is unrealistic for nourishment and health. The whole reason that Americans are eating what we are is because our government wanted to make it CHEAPER to eat...we'll unfortunately they didn't consider NUTRITION when they started changing the guidelines (started as the Basic 4 food groups and then onto the "food pyramid" and now the food plate.).

Believing that properly raised food is expensive, is believing the stuff in the grocery store is a good substitute for Nourishment. I look at the food in the grocery store like looking at our children's play kitchen, that costs $150 and believing I should try to cook out of it, becasue a REAL kitchen would be TOO expensive. Then, trying to figure out how to only pay 1/10th of the cost, because we just need to find something that "looks like a kitchen".

When we decided to start reorganizing our budget we decided we should prioritize based on the basics of life rather than "bills". (this isn't an instant transition, but getting our mindset wrapped around the idea is the key, having a plan in place is the next step, then implementing it, is the trickier part!)

The most basic thing we need is a healthy source of WATER (we chose an Enagic Water Ionizer "Kangen Water"), then Food (Real, properly raised and grown food), then shelter...which can be hard to swallow, our ideas of what we need as far as shelter is often much more extravagant that what we can afford based on having "basics of life priorities" in mind. Changing our shelter and downsizing can make a domino effect when it comes to the rest of the "bills"

Back to the first food changes we made were with our Animal products....switched to RAW dairy, Pastured eggs, and 100% Grass fed/finished beef, and continue to work to find pastured poultry and pork. Switching these foods do not change much as far as taste goes (I mean, as far as "giving up" anything....its not like your having to give up something you want, like say the white sandwich bread that you love... I don't know of anyone who said man I wish I could eat those CAFO Animals again! (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, basically fed "well enough" to keep them from dying until slaughter, and continuously drugged because the food makes them so sick).

So, I guess part of getting my mindset changed started with watching real food documentaries, there are many on Net matters, food Inc. Are great ones to start with. We have to learn that the stuff in the store, is not "real food" and get our mind wrapped around that before we can make highly effective changes.

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