Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Blaming the Apple Juice

Well, we did get to bed late tonight. Just after I laid my head down, I checked the clock and it was 11:20. UGH....

Well that wasn't the worst of it! I laid there and laid there, tossed and turned. Couldn't warm up. My feet were really the only thing that was cold, but somehow even with our extra warm blankets (micro-fiber, so NOT "crunchy", but very cozy and warm) even after an hour I was not warmed up.

I thought maybe I will take a detox bath, hopefully the epsom salts will help me sleep and hot water will warm me up...but I laid there a little longer, and I did finally get warmed up, but I was still awake. I decided to go ahead and get up and take a nice warm 1am Bath.

I took my temp just for curiosities sake... 98.1...which is considerably lower than I've been running during the day. I've been taking my temp 3 hours after I wake up, 3x every 3 hours...usually 10, 1, and 4:00. My temps have ranged from 98.4-99.7, mostly in the 99.5 range...seems odd to me!

So I dumped in what was left of the epsom salt...have no idea how much probably only 1-2cups (I was too lazy to go out to the garage and drag in the 50lb bad) , and 4 cups of baking soda and 4 cups of hydrogen peroxide. Soaked for 30 minutes and finished reading Chapter 10 of One Thousand can read my blog about it here

Took my temp after my shower just for kicks... 99.6, ahhh, that feels better, but why I"m running so warm...I have no idea. I thought for a moment that maybe I was cold because we left the windows open in the baby's room, maybe he needed them closed and I experienced some kind of physical maternal warning....I shut the windows just in case.

So here I am 45 minutes after my soak, still not cold anymore, but NOT TIRED either....UGH, stinking sugars! I"m blaming the apple juice!

Its 2:18 A.M and here I am, but signing off hopefully to get some rest.

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