Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 41 Skinny Fingers

Nothing new added today.

Eric has dropped a ton of weight....or well maybe just 23lbs. He's at his lowest weight since I've known him and he's looking good! He noticed today even his wedding band is loose! My weight-loss has pretty much stalled out since the first couple weeks of GAPS. I still seem to be bouncing between 129-132, one morning I did hit 127.5, but that's my lowest so far.

I seem to be rather itchy today....I can't tell what is causing it either, there are no rashes or redness (except after I keep scratching) and its random places, like my palm of my left hand, the side of my face and the crook of my arm. Weird. I must be allergic to liver. HA.

Well I survived my first whole week on my own since Mid-January. I've been tapering off from my part time help for the past several weeks. I can tell my energy level is still not where it should be, but I am getting better at recognizing my limits....following them is more of a struggle.

Today's menu
Juice: Left over juice from yesterday + 1 egg and 2 extra yolks and 2TBS sour cream
Breakfast: Banana Carrot muffins and Cinnamon honey yogurt
Lunch: Liver and Onions and more muffins
Dinner: Scrambled Eggs (and Perry finished off the liver...hooray!)

Today's Prep
Spent most of the day working on the grocery list...trying to figure out what foods to add in next!
Also working on a plan to figure out what comes next as we journey further into full GAPS
Started a new batch of yogurt (1 1/2 gallons worth!)

I'm starting to lose track of the poop scoop. I don't think anyone went today...and no enemas for me.

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