Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 38 &39

Well, I didn't record much at all from yesterday. Energy is pretty low. The boys are waking up when Eric gets up for work (1.5 hours earlier than normal.) I followed the advice of my colonic technician and did a "quickie" this morning and went strait for the coffee, not sure if it was quite as effective, but it was nice to have the process over in about 40 minutes instead of 2 hours. Oh I did use half the amount of coffee because its the bottom of the jar and looked like it was possibly stronger and the time before I got pretty it could be the combo of the weaker coffee and not doing the cleansing enema before the coffee.

Day 38:

Lunch Roast and carrots
Dinner: Chicken Wings and Green Beans
Day 39
Breakfast: Banana Egg and almond flour muffins....ended up making a second batch, I added some carrot pulp to that one the boys gobbled them down.
lunch: scrambled Eggs
Dinner: liver and onions
Treats: I tried the Russian custard, threw some raw almonds in it. Eric is making apple cinnamon ice cream at the moment....guess we will get a taste in a bit.

I have a feeling we are kinda bailing on intro and headed for full GAPS. I feel like I may be having issues but I'm not sure what to cut out, it isn't anything major, so I don't know what to do about it. I'd like to see Wyatt and Clayts bellies not bloat so much, they both seem to get rashy outside, I really don't like that either, but it doesn't seem to bother them. I don't feel like I have the energy to figure it out.

I also want to take note that Wyatt has started cutting one of his little sharp point poking through on the top "B" tooth. So that throws in the question was the yucky poop and rash from teething?

Also just as we were going to bed last night Wyatt woke up ANGRY again! Screaming mad, nothing we could do to help him. Anointed him with some cedarwood oil and he started calming down. He woke up again, about an hour later but wasn't quite as upset. He let me hold him and give him his water bottle. I prayed over him and rocked him for a bit and put him back in bed. I also decided to put some Melrose on his jaw line and around his ears, as he kept rubbing th side of his face. Then anointed myself with some cedarwood and slept well until morning.

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