Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 37: Early to Rise

Stage 6
Baking soda (not sure that was legal move...but we did it anyway!)

Well, the plan backfired a bit.

Here is what the mental picture looked like...Eric wake up at 5, get ready for work, while I prepare my enema stuff. Then he cooks breakfast, I have my "coffee break" and the boys wake up at their normal 7:30 wake time after I have everything cleaned up and breakfast cooking.

Here is what reality looked like: Eric get up at 5, get ready for work and cook breakfast. I get up at 5:25 start preparing my enema stuff, Corban wakes up and has to poop at 5:30 (He says "my poop made a C" ....nice #4s by the way). I continue getting everything ready. Just as I'm all set up, at about 6:00 here comes Clayt...he's gotta poop too! So while my salt water and oils are quickly cooling, I, as patiently as I can, I wait for him to get his business taken care of (#5's by the way). I send them back to their room, hoping they will lay quietly in there (was I DREAMING? LOL....anyway, it works for about 10 minutes.) I try to not make the enema procedure a mysterious, panic guarded event....we call it my "bottom medicine" to help my poops. So there's a bit of an open door policy, there were several visits...but we made it through the whole procedure....and in record time I was done by 8am. Sadly, I was pretty jittery from the coffee...I am counting on it to get me through this extra long morning. I"m praying that the early wake time means they all take good naps today! (yes, they DID...all 4 of them!

After Juicing and Cleaning up the kitchen we have spent the whole morning outside. As wonderful as it has mostly been.....Corban and Clayt got into a bit of a baby brawl. There was screaming, yelling, throwing toys at each other, biting, pinching, pushing, shoving and more YELLING. I let them duke it out, then they started on me. I let them. While I was trying to decipher if their behavior was food related or just poor parenting.... I talked to the biter and pincher and told him that wasn't nice and he should say he's sorry....and he did, of course Corban wouldn't listen to him. That made him SO mad, but I told him he did his part, and it was okay. Corban continued to have short bursts of testing his anger, pushing over and throwing toys and sand. I didn't ask him to stop. I talked to him plainly about breaking things and getting sand in people's eyes. He asked about throwing it over here....away from the people. I talked to him about not having sand to play with if we throw it out of the sandbox. A few minutes later Corban (4) came over and sat on the step next to me and said he was sorry and gave me hugs and kisses. My normal reaction is to break up the fight, punish the "worst" offender, scold the other...all while misbehaving myself and letting my emotions control the tone and then demand that they apologize to myself and each other.

I'd say, after letting the episode play out, even though in the middle it was looking pretty bad, (REALLY bad) that just maybe it was the right thing to do. They are all happily playing again. Guess it wasn't the food, or poor parenting. WHEW.

Today's Menu
Juice: 1/2 head of red cabbage, 1 bunch of celery, and some carrots. Added Raw egg and sour cream and had a full fledged "GAPS Milkshake"
Breakfast: Fend for yourself freezer Meatballs
Lunch: Chicken Soup and Almond bread with butter and Sunbutter
Dinner: Roast, Green Leaf and Cucumber Salad with our homemade dressing, Fermented Beets, and apple Slices

Today's Prep
Made almonds into Almond Flour (2 cups), and the rest into almond butter
Yogurt in the Dehydrator should be done about 4:30 tomorrow, just in time for afternoon snack!
Eric peeled about 20lbs of carrots for me and Sliced about 3lbs into rounds, 5lbs into carrot sticks, and 5lbs into 4inch pieces...yes that is a load of carrots and we still have about 50lbs worth to take care of. I Grated 1lb of carrots to make into ginger carrots....the whole process took me 5min 32seconds. I timed myself so we could see if knife chopping or using the processor was faster. My time included putting the processor together and cleaning and drying it. Eric helped a ton in the kitchen...after all the carrot business, we had a fun afternoon of playing mad dessert creationists. The Almond butter I was making turned un-creamy when I added the honey...Eric tasted it and thought it would make a perfect "pie crust" We were immediately dreaming of apple pie....but then I added some butter and it turned runny...

Eric tasted it again and thought COOKIE DOUGH...So we threw in a few more ingredients and WE MADE COOKIES!

So the best I can give ya, is a Ingredient list, because we didn't measure anything!

Almond Butter <1cup
Honey 2T?
Butter 3T?
1 egg
Baking soda (1/8 of a tsp, best guess)
Cook 350* for 7 minutes

There were little people anxiously awaiting cookies while I took the picture.....they were hounding me with each flash!

I also put some of the batter into the freezer molds because the dough looked and tasted so much like caramel...I can't decide if I like the cookies or the "dough" best! You could say we are going a little apple-honey-nut crazy. But it is SOOOO YUMMY!

I'm pretty sure that Eric has decided to stop the peanut butter as soon as this last jar is gone. He's gonna try sunbutter instead. Although, I haven't given the little boys any peanut butter and both Clayt and Wyatt seem to be reacting to being outside. Not as much as it was before GAPS, but they tend to get a bit red, and Wyatt has had an intermittent rash on the back of his neck for a couple weeks.

Today was day full of Poopin! Wyatt woke up from morning and naptime with a poopy diaper and was really rashy. It was very sore. He would walk around with his legs apart for a while after I got him cleaned up...and I let him go in the buff so he could have some air-out time. I also applied some Animal Scents ointment, he cried when I put it on, but he seems to do that no matter what I touch him with...even coconut oil he acts the same. Soon after dinner he pooped as, it seems there's something in there bothering him. Maybe it is the raw apples? I am not sure. Corban pooped 2x today....that is a first I believe! Clayt pooped 3 times, upon waking, after lunch and dinner. Nothing from me except for what happened this morning with the enema.

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  1. Wow, you guys are doing great! I need to get back into juicing.